9 Great Party Bus Ideas for Your Next Birthday!

Are you hoping to find something fun to do for your next birthday? Hiring a party bus is what you’re looking for! Our fleet offers some of the finest party buses in the Denver area. Why not invite your friends and family to accompany you on your special day too? Your whole group can travel to your party destination together while enjoying tons of fun along the way!

Great Party Bus Ideas for Your Birthday

Dave and Buster’s

Whether it’s you and your best friends, or close family, a trip to Dave and Buster’s is a great location for a birthday party. With everything from delicious food, drinks, as well as games, your party is sure to find something that appeals to everyone.

Comedy Shows

Maybe this year you want to have some good laughs while you celebrate your big day? You and your entire party can travel in style to one of the great comedy clubs in town. You and your guests will have a great time while you relax and enjoy the show.

Escape Rooms

Hoping to create a memorable experience? Escape rooms have quickly become a hit for a mind-engaging experience. Follow the clues to solve the puzzle before time runs out! Imagine what a blast you could have together.


The ultimate in fun and for stimulating your adrenaline, paintball parties have continued to increase in popularity. Combining skill with safety, it’s an adventure for you as well as your guests. Plan your strategy, attack the enemy, and have a party to remember. Afterward, cool off and enjoy some refreshments while you reminisce on board!


Feel like playing some golf with no worries about the weather? Golfing enthusiasts will love the climate-controlled high-tech hitting bays. Dine on delicious food, drink your favorite brew or cocktail, as well as swing your golf clubs. You will surely score points because this party will be a hit!


Another great option for friends and family alike, a bowling party is a long-time favorite of many. Knock over some bowling pins, have some food, and play an assortment of other games while you’re there. In fact, adding a party bus to the itinerary gives it that extra special touch. Enjoy limo-style luxury with extra space to move around.

Axe Throwing

Yep, you read that right! Axe throwing parties are quickly catching on. Have some distinctly creative fun with all your friends and family while you throw axes at a target. If you haven’t tried it, you should! The party bus will provide the next-level experience with superior travel accommodation.


Colorado’s concerts are made even more awesome by traveling by party bus! Parking can be a nightmare at these events, but you can avoid the hassle and ride in complete comfort. All your personal items can be kept safely on the bus while you give your full attention to some incredible music. Our phenomenal sound and light system will even help set the mood for you all the way there and all the way back!

Bar Hopping

Feel like you want to wing it and don’t have a particular destination in mind for your birthday celebration? That’s not a problem! We can take you to your favorite bars and keep you safe along the way. Travel in class with us as you dance, drink, and party! From start to finish, you’ll have an amazing birthday.

Our Services

With 20 years of experience, we provide the best party bus experience there is to offer. Our fleet has close to 20 different vehicles available. We are licensed and insured with over 50 drivers on staff.

If you want a truly fun and memorable celebration, contact us. Our prices are affordable, our buses are top of the line, and we can help you plan the best birthday you’ve ever had!